Prowide Enterprise

Ready to use SWIFT platform


For organizations looking for an off-the-shelf SWIFT message management application tailored to its own specific needs.Prowide Enterprise is a full featured application, with a ready-to-use user interface, that can be customized for any specific SWIFT message management requirement.It is particularly helpful to simplify and renew older SWIFT systems by providing a single and flexible processing unit for all SWIFT traffic. Especially suited to automate today's complex message flows.

Main features are:


Duplicates Detection

This module mitigates the cost associated with the double processing of a transaction, preventing the emission of duplicated outgoing payments and the processing of incoming duplicated payments.



Specific support is provided for large installations to allow Prowide Enterprise to be the central repository of all the institution's historic and current SWIFT message interchanges.


Local system integration

Customizable adapters are provided to exchange messages processing information with the institution's Core System and Backoffice applications. This can be used to retrieve customers and accounts information, to account entries to the core system and also to delegate user authentication and security checks.



Flexible reconciliation is provided to allow the matching of any messages sent with the corresponding acknowledgements, rejections and linked messages in the trade flow.

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