Prowide CORE

Open source SWIFT Java library


For organizations that have sufficient internal resources to develop and manage its SWIFT software infrastructure.This library is released as open source software under LGPL; so the source code is available and you can use it in proprietary commercial applications.

Prowide Core uses the open source license for Java Profiler, thanks EJ Technologies.

Main features are:


Parsing a message

The parser can be used as a black box to which you just input a message in SWIFT format and retrieve as output a Java model of it. The model provides a clear and simple way to read any sequence, field, or component within a field without worrying about the internal details of the SWIFT format.


Creating a message

The creation of a message can be done entirely by populating Java objects. You can focus on of the setting of functional data without knowing the internal format of the SWIFT message generated.


Transforming a message

To facilitate integration with other platforms and systems several alternative representations of a message are provided. You can convert back and forth the SWIFT message into proprietary XMLs or JSON with ease.

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