Prowide Integrator

SWIFT message development toolkit


For organizations looking for reduced efforts in the implementation and maintenance of its SWIFT software infrastructure. Especially suited to automate today's complex message flows.

-Open Source core component, no hidden lock-ins.

-Support all messages from the FIN MT (ISO 15022) and MX (ISO 20022) standards.

-Reduce efforts in the implementation and maintenance of your SWIFT software infrastructure.


The Integrator is an SDK with a range of optional modules. It can thus be tailored to fit your own SWIFT Integration needs. The SDK is the cornerstone of the package; as it implements the model and parser for both FIN MT and MX standards on which functional modules are implemented. Each optional module provides specific features.

Product Features



Adds the feature to validate that an MT or MX message is SWIFT standard compliant, preventing NAKs and rejections. All SWIFT format validations are implemented including semantics (network rules) and BICs validation. Custom rules are also supported.

MT-MX Translations


Implements the translation rules defined by SWIFT to convert MT messages into its analogous MX version, and vice-versa. Suited to accelerate and simplify the migration to the new SWIFT MX standard.

My Format


Provides conversion of SWIFT message data into local proprietary formats and vice-versa. It can be customized to convert any old back-office format to MT or MX standards, centralizing the development to only one application, and simplifying the maintenance when the standards change.



Prevents the duplicate emission of outgoing messages and the duplicate processing of incoming messages. A proprietary algorithm detects duplicates based on the message UUID, MUR, MIR, checksum and message block content. It can be configured per message type and matching field.



Allows the storage of large bursts of messages for archiving and reporting. Supports the creation of custom horizontal and vertical partitions of the universe of messages, as well as built-in graphic reports.



Enables the integration of back-office applications or a middle-ware with Alliance Access using MQ Host Adaptor. It implements an MQ connector as message partner for SAA and the reconciliation protocol for delivery notification, ACK and NAK.

Business Flow


Built-in routing engine tailored to specific business flow scenarios, defining how different messages are driven between the SWIFT interface and the institution core system, middle-ware or back-office applications.

Maintenance and Support


Professional support services are included by subscription, including; technical assistance, product enhancements and SWIFT standard upgrades.The component is yearly updated to the latest SWIFT SRU six months prior to going live.

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